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4910LR Driver's License Scanner – An Officer's Perspective

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Officer: I’ve been a police officer for approximately 10 years.

[Do you use the 4910LR Driver’s License Scanner?]

Officer: I do. Previous models that we’ve had, there was issues with sun glare, lighting coming into the car, where I had to scan it down low where it was dark, and that took my eyes off of what was in front of me. Occupants in a car at a traffic stop. I need my attention and focus to the front of the car. With this current model, I’ve been able to hold up the license to the top of the steering wheel, sun glare hasn’t been an issue, hasn’t cancelled anything out, and I can scan with confidence knowing I can do it up while I got my attention on the car for officer safety.

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[How long does the electronic citation process take?]

Officer: Usually approximately 10 minutes assuming everybody has all their documentation as needed. 10 minutes maximum for me.

[How long would it take to hand-write citations?]

Officer: Depends on how many citations issued – could be 20, 25 minutes. 30 minutes.

[What other features do you find useful from the 4910LR?]

Officer: Sometimes an individual you stop might not have identification on them. I can scan a quick photo of that individual for court use later on.

[Where do you store the 4910LR in your vehicle?]

Officer: There’s a couple different options. It depends, we have different vehicles – one location is underneath the keyboard which slides out of the way and I can hook it right into the clip. Another one is under the printer – lift up the printer put it in to the holder (the clip) and I can put the printer down and there’s enough clearance so it’s out of the way and it’s easily available when I need it.

[Have you had any challenges with the 4910LR?]

Officer: I have not – no challenges so far. I’m confident in using it.

For more information on the 4910LR Driver’s License Scanner and eCitation, visit our Law Microsite here.

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