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Our Law Enforcement solutions are built from your voice and have been implemented in over 2,000 municipalities across 49 states nationwide.
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4910LR DL Reader


The Magnetic Mount for the 4910LR


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The Word on the Street

“ I must say, dealing with your company has been a great experience. The promptness of the responses and communication has been outstanding and I will be recommending your company to everyone in the law field. ”

                       - Scott, Chief of Police



" I was using an old scanner that looked like a gun with a big, heavy cord on it - like those Walmart scanners. The lights didn't work and it was bulky. It wouldn't read in the sunlight. It wouldn't read when the license is faded. I ended up manually typing my tickets and hating it. I probably went from writing 10 citations a week to 30 with my new [4910LR] scanner. "

                                       - Officer Kuck

“You are not only capturing 360 degree photos, but you are capturing geospatial relationships and a sense of scale that are not found with traditional still photos. You can relate to where things are in the scene from the photos you take. You can bring the visual scene to juries as it was captured instead of verbally describing it.” 

       - Dick McEvoy
       President, Forensic Imaging Inc


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A Team that Backs the Blue

Our dedicated team of Law Enforcement technology experts have extensive experience and will work to solve your challenges, anytime. 

Our portfolio expands through our partnerships to bring you world class solutions tailored to meet your needs.
Partnerships include:

Brother, Getac, Havis, Honeywell, LEM, Night Angel, Patrol Data, Zebra Technologies and more.

Cuddle Bear Drive Raises $3400 for the Rochester Police Department and the Rochester Mayor's Books and Bears Program
May 2017
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2nd Annual 'Cookies for a Cop' Donation to several local Police Departments.
October 2016  
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Happy Hour Events to Support the Rochester Police Department's Books and Bears Program.
April 2017  
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Educational Webinar on Distracted Patrol and Technology
November 2015  
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