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Topaz LogoFounded in 1995, Topaz is a leading provider of electronic signature solutions for digital documents and signature capture. Topaz signature capture pads are ideal for insurance, tax, medical and dental applications, allowing your organization to electronically capture signatures.

Offering a large selection of signature pad products, Topaz provides you a variety of options, including:

  • LCD displays for more accurate signatures
  • LED backlight for increased visibility
  • Multiple sizes
  • Standard and extra-durable models for high-volume applications
  • Connectivity/communication options for every application (Serial, USB HID, USB COM, & Dual Port)
  • Free software development tools for product integration

Visit our Signature Pad Flowchart to determine which Topaz signature pad best meets your requirements. But before you do so, make sure your software supports Topaz signature pads.

Click below to learn more on electronic signature capture:

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