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Founded in 1989, Getac is a leading provider of rugged laptops and tablets for applications in Law Enforcement, public safety, field service, and manufacturing.

With some of the most extensive product lines in the industry, Getac offers a variety of tablets and notebooks built to withstand the most extreme environments.

Getac’s products are equipped with QuadraClear™ technology, allowing screens to be readable in sunlight without the reflection or compromising contrast.

Additionally, Getac’s touchscreens offer the industry’s first resistive multi-touch display for use with gloves.
To prove their durability in the field, Getac fully-rugged laptops and tablets come with a bumper-to-bumper warranty. With their breadth of fully-rugged tablets and notebooks backed by this warranty, Getac continues to offer some of the most reliable products in the industry.

For more information on Getac’s line of rugged computing products, contact us or visit L-Tron.com/Rugged.

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