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[Data Sheet] Havis’ Ford Interceptor VSX Console

Havis’ Ford Interceptor VSX Console Data Sheet

This data sheet provides a closer look at the specifications for Havis’ Ford Interceptor VSX Console. Discover key features of the Interceptor VSX Console, compare available packages, and take a look at product images to get an idea of what might work for your department’s patrol vehicles. 

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What will I take away from the data sheet? 

The data sheet for the Ford Interceptor VSX Console includes information and specifications on the following components: 

  • Front Bin 
  • Integrated Printer 
  • Rugged Hood 
  • Armrest 
  • Extrusions 
  • 8-Position Fuse Block 

Also included is a checklist to compare and contrast the features that are included when you purchase one of Havis’ VSX products, Front Bin Packages, or Printer Packages for the Ford Interceptor. 

What makes the Ford Interceptor VSX Console Unique? 

Patrol officers spend countless hours of their shifts working in their patrol vehicles, and the VSX Console is designed to make this time as comfortable, safe, and productive as possible.  

Though lightweight, the VSX Console is durable and impact-resistant to maximize a safe workplace environment. This new Havis Console is visually appealing, integrating all of your eCitation and road patrol equipment within arm’s reach for easy access – including your 4910LR DL Reader and PocketJet® printer. When your equipment is not in use, you don’t have to give it a second thought, as it securely stows within the console. All in all, Havis’ Ford Interceptor VSX Console provides an organized, secure environment for Officers to perform their administrative tasks. 

L-Tron and Havis 

From the law enforcement solutions we have created to the equipment we offer from our partners, L-Tron aims to provide Officers with products that will assist in their day-to-day tasks. We’ve found that Havis equipment provides the highest levels of safety and functionality within the patrol vehicle. 

The partnership between L-Tron and Havis gives you access to: 

  • Knowledge and Expertise 
  • High Levels of Support
  • Competitive Prices 
  • Outstanding Quality

Havis’ Ford Interceptor VSX Console Data Sheet:

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