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[Case Study] OSCR assists in Hunting-Related Homicide Turned Training

[Case Study] Hunting-Related Homicide Turned Training

OSCR360 assisted in training investigators using this Hunting Related Shooting Incident (HRSI) Case

This case study provides an inside look at a hunting-related shooting field exercise that occurred during a wildlife investigator training in Iowa. See how OSCR360 captured the perspectives of the shooter and the victim, demonstrated the trajectory of the bullet, and created a powerful virtual walkthrough of the scene. 

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A Hunting-Related Homicide Case Recreated in 360-Degrees 

During the final day of a training program for Wildlife Officers preparing to become investigators, instructors designed a mock scene for trainees to collaboratively investigate. The culminating exercise was modeled after a real-life hunting-related shooting fatality that had occurred in the woods of Michigan. 

Trainees arrived at the mock crime scene and worked to discover whether the death was accidental or if evidence pointed to signs of foul play. 

What is OSCR360? 

OSCR360 is a multifaceted crime scene investigation tool, created from the voice of law enforcement, for law enforcement. Designed for use at environmental, crime, crash, and fire scenes, OSCR was developed to capture entire scenes in minutes, preserve and organize critical evidence, present it clearly, and ultimately close cases with convictions. In the courtroom, OSCR is a powerful tool that enables the jury to see the crime scene and how each piece of evidence is tied to the case.

John Dobies, a retired Investigator from NYS Department of Environmental Conservation and current member of L-Tron’s Law Enforcement Support Team, was invited to introduce OSCR360 to the IHEA Academy and demonstrate how to use OSCR in evidence collection and scene presentation. 

“OSCR360 shows perspective between the shooter and the victim, which can be difficult to do with a standard camera. OSCR shows the whole viewpoint for recreating the whole scene because the jury needs to see what it looks like out in the woods or wherever the crime occurred.” 

– Investigator Dobies 

L-Tron’s Partnership with Environmental Conservation (DEC) Officers 

L-Tron has partnered with thousands of public safety agencies across the country for over two decades, providing technology and tools to help Officers do their jobs safely and efficiently. Our solutions come from your voice, so that we can be sure we’re delivering exactly what you need to keep your community safe. We are proud to Back the Blue, contributing to non-profit law enforcement organizations and employing retired Officers from various types of public safety agencies, including the Department of Environmental Conservation. 

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