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[One-Pager] OSCR360 Fire Investigator Feedback & Testimonials

OSCR360 Fire Investigator Feedback and References Sheet

[One-Pager] OSCR360 Fire Investigator Feedback

This resource provides a list of testimonials from current OSCR360 clients.

Check out their feedback and let us know if you’d like to further connect with any of our current fire/arson investigation customers about OSCR360. 

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OSCR360 Fire Investigator Feedback 

Read brief testimonials from fire agencies in six states who are “all-in” for OSCR: 

  • The South Carolina Fire Marshal.
  • A California Fire Department.
  • A Texas Fire Department.
  • The Florida Fire Marshal.
  • A Virginia Police Department.
  • A Kentucky Fire Department.

Our team can put you in touch with any current OSCR360 fire investigators for additional feedback. 

How does OSCR360 Make a Difference? 

After a fire is extinguished and the scene cools down, the action begins for fire investigators.

During a fire/arson investigation, OSCR can: 

  • Enter and photograph an unstable 2nd floor through a window using the 27-ft mast. 
  • Completely capture interior and exterior fire scenes, as well as cramped spaces like powder rooms and closets. 
  • Capture complete burn patterns, show point of origin and investigators can add additional digital evidence, all within one 360-degree photograph. 
  • Overlay floor plans to fully grasp the scene and geospatial relationships, whereas single still shots may all look indistinguishable. 
  • Capture high-quality photographs in dark, wet, soot-filled and dripping environments. 
  • OSCR is also being used to create emergency response plans.

Post-investigation, OSCR360 is an invaluable courtroom tool. Arson cases can be difficult to describe to a jury. OSCR creates an interactive, virtual walkthrough connecting all of your case evidence. The jury is able to see and understand the scene through the eyes of the fire investigators.

L-Tron is here for you 

L-Tron has partnered with public safety agencies for over two decades, providing equipment and technology to keep your communities safe. Our OSCR360 and 4910LR Driver’s License Scanner were developed directly from your voice, with input and feedback from Investigators, Law Enforcement Officers and Prosecutors. We understand the challenges you face every day, the purchase approval and funding process, and recognize that your time is valuable. Your success is our purpose!

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