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[One-Pager] OSCR360 Law Enforcement Feedback & Testimonials

OSCR360 Law Enforcement Feedback and References Sheet

[One-Pager] OSCR360 Law Enforcement Feedback

This resource provides a list of  testimonials from current OSCR360 clients.

Check out their feedback and let us know if you’d like to further connect with any of our current law enforcement customers.

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OSCR360 Law Enforcement Feedback 

Law enforcement agencies from across the country are using OSCR360 to investigate scenes, train officers, prosecute criminals, and keep their communities safe. Read brief testimonials from the following: 

  • A Vermont Police Department 
  • A Colorado Police Department 
  • A New York Agency 
  • An Arkansas Sheriff’s Office 
  • An Iowa Police Department 

Our team can put your agency in touch with any current OSCR360 users for additional feedback.

What is OSCR360? 

Investigators use the OSCR360 Software to create compelling virtual walkthroughs of crime scenes and visually connect each piece of evidence. The OSCR360 Capture Kit takes overall 360-degree scene photos. These images take minutes to capture, preserve geospatial relationships and ensure that no detail within the crime scene is missed.

Agencies have found that OSCR is fast and easy-to-use, prevents scene contamination, and is helpful for sharing case details. OSCR makes it simple to share your case file among command staff and the investigative team. Then, the District Attorney’s Office uses OSCR to serve justice in the courtroom during trial presentations – showing jurors exactly what transpired at the scene.  

Law enforcement agencies are using OSCR360 at a wide variety of scenes, including: 

  • Homicides 
  • Unattended deaths 
  • Suicides 
  • Burglaries 
  • Vehicle crashes 
  • Fire investigations 
  • Environmental investigations 
  • Any scene requiring documentation 

In addition to active cases, OSCR360 is also being used for college-level forensic education classes, law enforcement investigative training courses, by private investigators, and for active shooter/incident pre-planning purposes

L-Tron is here for you 

L-Tron has worked with and for law enforcement agencies for over two decades. Our OSCR360 and 4910LR Driver’s License Scanner were developed directly from your voice, with input and feedback from Law Enforcement Officers, Investigators and Prosecutors. We are proud to ‘Back the Blue,’ by providing service excellence and technical support, employing retired Officers, supporting public safety organizations and sponsoring educational opportunities for Law Enforcement.  Your Success is our Purpose!

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