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[Data sheet] Printek VehiclePro 420 Printer

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Printek VehiclePro 420 Printer Data Sheet

This data sheet provides details and specifications for the Printek VehiclePro 420 Printer. Download the data sheet to discover more about the VP420’s features, view images of the printer, and discover what types of documents you can print on the go.

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What is included in the Printek VehiclePro 420 data sheet? 

The Printek VehiclePro 420 Printer is a space-saving 4” mobile printer for Law Enforcement. The VP420 data sheet provides general information about the printer and its specifications, including: 

  • Types of documents you can print from the road 
  • Appearance and installation options 
  • How to operate 
  • Power options and availability 
  • Environmental specifications 
  • Printing quality and speed 
  • Supported devices/operating systems
  • Compatibility and how to connect the printer to your device 
  • Bumper-to-bumper warranty information 
Printek VehiclePro 420 with ticket

Meet the VehiclePro 420 for eCitations 

Electronic ticketing is faster, accurate, and more efficient than manual ticketing, assisting you in getting off the roadside and back on patrol as quickly as possible. eCitations streamline administrative processes behind the scenes which results in fewer ticket dismissals due to error and illegibility. When used for eCitations alongside your 4910LR License Reader and rugged laptop or tablet, the VehiclePro 420 results in high-quality, on-demand tickets.

About Printek 

Printek is known for its thermal mobile printers for Law Enforcement and exceptional bumper-to-bumper warranty program. Headquartered in Michigan, Printek has specialized in printing technology for over 35 years.

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