L-Tron Team - finding growth and opportunities during covid

What a year 2020 has been. Amidst everything happening in the world, and at our company, L-Tron was awarded the Rochester AMA Pinnacle award for “Best Small Business Campaign.” We attribute this  to the collaborative efforts of our sales & marketing teams, and our ability to adapt & remain agile during uncertain times.  

What exactly went on behind the scenes to not only “win” Best Small Business Campaign, but also to achieve success within our company and reach our goals as a team?

What do you do when you create a product that you know is a game-changer?  

How do your effectively get the word out?

How do you convince people to give your product a try?

Those were just some of the questions the L-Tron Team was facing going into 2019.  We had this great product for law enforcement called OSCR360, which had been developed directly from Officers & Investigator’s voices & feedback. Officers had provided input, agencies had vetted it, and the product feedback was overwhelmingly positive. We knew that OSCR360 could – and would – truly make a difference in the public safety arena. How did the L-Tron team work together to get OSCR out on the streets and into the hands of those who wanted it most? 

OSCR360 Background

OSCR360 is a two-part multi-use system including easy-to-use case organization software (developed in-house by L-Tron), and a 360-degree capture kit consisting of a 360-degree camera, tablet, and L-Tron’s sensor tube that captures meta-data such as cardinal direction, tilt, and the user’s GPS coordinates. 

Using OSCR360, police officers are able to document everything from code violations to large homicide scenes. OSCR is brought room to room and within seconds is able to capture every detail – so no evidence is missed. Users can instantly preview their 360-degree photos and can bring the images out to command staff on the OSCR Tablet. Then, when officers (or district attorneys) are ready to build their case, OSCR360 allows them to attach all of their digital evidence files (PDFs, citations, reports, pictures, videos) for a complete walk-through of the case. OSCR360 enables users to more quickly document their crime scenes, streamline their investigation process and allows them to better organize and present their cases. As time has gone on, we’ve come to realize that OSCR360 can positively impact public safety in so many more ways than we ever originally imagined. The system was used to limit time spent at scenes, and even helped first responders through COVID-19 calls.

Our Approach

Since L-Tron began, our approach has remained consistent: our audience comes first. Ultimately, we decided to build unique mini-websites to serve our customer’s needs. Each site is dedicated to delivering knowledge that will serve our clients.  

Our dedicated team’s knowledge and expertise is shared by providing the right content to those that we serve.

The Results

Pinnacle Awards Virtual 2020
The M-Team toasting to our Pinnacle Award win!

L-Tron’s efforts were incredibly successful, resulting in significant increases in: 

  • OSCR demos nationwide.
  • Increases in overall website traffic.
  • Additional OSCR sales – to departments where the system was a game-changer.

We are proud of our team’s hard work & results, which were further recognized at the 2020 AMA Pinnacle awards, when we  won “Best Small Business Campaign” for 2020.  

The Difference is in the Product 

While we are certainly proud of our hard work and the efforts of our team, OSCR360 has done its part by assisting law enforcement and first responders throughout the country. 

The use cases for OSCR are incredible: homicide investigations, cold cases, burglaries, arson investigations, major car crashes, hunting-related shootings, search warrant documentation, fingerprint processing documentation, assaults, officer training, SWAT training, active shooter preparedness, forensic and criminalistics university courses, and more. Even today, organizations continue to find new ways to use OSCR360.  

The feedback from our customers has been phenomenal and the positive impact OSCR has had on forensic photography and investigations is immeasurable. 

“I’ve been doing a similar thing manually and on paper for years that I’m attempting to digitize but this would just make it so much easier. I can take 360s, import blueprints and maps, and then embed all of my inspection and/or FEMA documentation in one project and send it off. Amazing.”

Florida Police Agency

Click here for more feedback from OSCR360 users

What comes next?

At L-Tron, we continue to innovate for good. The OSCR system is continually being updated. We take feedback from our clients, recognize what THEY need, and apply those improvements in all of our software and hardware solutions.  

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