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Welcome to L-Tron: Meet Skylar Peay!

Meet our newest team member, Skylar Peay! Skylar joins our sales/operations team and will be assisting with order processing. Discover more about her role at L-Tron here…

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National Salesperson Day – Meet your L-Tron Sales Team

In a career that is inevitably filled with its fair share of rejection – ignored calls, unanswered emails and the like – a salesperson undoubtedly has a tough job. Yet our sales team may not be what comes to mind as typical; each person is dedicated to our customers’ success – they’re problem solvers with a wealth of deep technology knowledge and experience. Your Success is Our Purpose.

Marketing & Sales Collaboration: The winning formula for a small business campaign

What a year 2020 has been. Amidst everything happening in the world, and at our company, L-Tron was awarded the Rochester AMA Pinnacle award for “Best Small Business Campaign.” We attribute this to the collaborative efforts of our sales & marketing teams, and our ability to adapt & remain agile during uncertain times.

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L-Tron Celebrates National Salesperson Day 2020

National Salesperson Day falls annually on the 2nd Friday in December. L-Tron would like to celebrate & honor the members of our sales team. Next week, Trevor will be treating the team to a thank you lunch.

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How do you get Marketing and Sales to speak the same language?

Marketing people and sales people are like cats and dogs. By nature, they’re not expected to get along. Marketers see their selling counterparts as people who don’t understand the importance of messaging and focus solely on closing a deal at any cost. Sales professionals see marketers as “creative types” who don’t understand how hard it …

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