STEM vs. STEAM Day: What’s the importance of that A?

National STEM Day was yesterday, November 8, and as a leader of a technology & engineering company, this day has a lot of significance, both for my company and for my family. How did you celebrate the day?

L-Tron Team - finding growth and opportunities during covid

Finding Growth and Opportunities during COVID-19

Looking back, our commitment to the safety and health of our employees, exceptional performance, and full transparency with our internal and external customers, as well as our manufacturing partners, enabled us to keep our doors open and our operations running to full capacity. This remained the case, even as our state and local region peaked in its number of COVID cases,

Can TaiJi Help you become a better leader?

Can Taiji Help You Become a Better Leader?

A few years ago I had a huge personal goal for myself – to add more balance to my life. Although it hasn’t happened overnight, I am proud to say I did add more balance –literally, with Taiji.

receiving and Sortation in warehouse

The Warehouse That Works (for you); Part IV

Plan for Success – Automated Warehouse Solutions Delivers Results and ROI The last part in this four part series discusses how automation delivers results and ROI. Click here to read Part I, Part II, and Part III here. The Case for a Technology Partner While automating your warehouse step-by-(baby)step is simple and easy, it also …

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facebook protection

3 Ways You Can Better Protect Your Facebook Data, Part 2

  Last week, we introduced the hot topic of Facebook privacy and discussed some simple ways that you can adjust your privacy settings to protect your privacy. You can read Part I here. Today, we will continue this discussion, beginning with Facebook Ads. You have more control than you might think! Tactic 3: Adjust your …

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