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Receiving – Simple solutions to increase accuracy and productivity

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Automating your warehouse receiving functions helps you catch shortages, discrepancies and goods damaged-on-delivery in real time. You head off downstream problems before they start. Eliminating pen and paper and electronically capturing data in real time produces efficiency and cost savings down the line and ensures the integrity of all other warehouse functions. The exhaustive 2014 Warehousing Education and Research Council (WERK) Benchmarking study listed non-automated put-away processes as “Bad Practice.” Automated receiving results in streamlined operations, improved accuracy, enhanced communication and ultimately improved response to customer demands. 

Solutions for Today’s Warehouse

There is a wide variety of automation solutions available to warehouse operators, all of them offer a broad spectrum of performance and features. There are multiple solutions available for every situation. L-Tron can help guide you to the technology solution that’s right for you. Here is a short list of types of solutions that can form the building blocks for a smarter, more productive warehouse.

Handheld Mobile Computers

More than just scanning. Push to talk communication. Remote computing. Zebra MC3300 is an example of the new wave in high productivity data capture. Capture data from as far away as 70 feet. Take on low and high-impact scanning scenarios, reliably scan at low, intermediate and long ranges and accurately capture multiple barcodes with a single trigger pull.

Wearable Computers

Hands-free mobility and remote computing.

Vehicle Mounted Computers

Desktop applications mounted on your mobile warehouse vehicles.


Easy to use consumer format with enterprise security, durability and performance.

Ultra-Rugged Scanners

Speed and accuracy inside lightweight, high-impact construction stands up to rough environments.

Desktop Printers

Compact, fast, high-quality direct thermal and thermal transfer printing.

Industrial Printers

Designed for harsh environments and high volume, heavy duty performance.

Mobile Printers

Go where you need them in today’s mobile environment.

Mobile Computing – More than a scanner

More productive time from each employee – as much as one hour per day

Today’s mobile computing solutions feature flexible configurations, efficient, feature-rich mobile computing, ergonomic design and extensive productivity-enhancing innovations. Speedy, accurate information capture directly impacts productivity. Seconds add up.  The Zebra TC8000 boasts 14% greater productivity. Thanks to ergonomic design, innovative features like hot swap battery that permits quick battery change without powering down and all-touch keyboard that allows 40% faster entry with 60% fewer errors.

Benefits of Automating

Empowered Workforce

Empowering workers to control expenses related to lost or mislabeled items and eliminate data entry errors to increase productivity improves job satisfaction. Research has shown if you give employees applications that are easy to use, you will see a measurable boost in productivity.

Streamlined Operations

Identify and verify shipments in real-time by scanning barcodes, RFID tags, or RMA labels. Mobile processes empower receiving staff to be more accurate and more productive.

Improved Accuracy

Know exactly where each piece of a shipment should be located to speed up put-away, eliminate errors, and provide an audit trail for traceability.

Enhanced Communication

Ensure constant voice and data communication throughout your warehouse and yard. Access, capture and send information anywhere in your warehouse with wireless devices.


A Clear Choice

No matter what automation solution you choose the results will justify a well thought out plan to move from pen and paper to electronically captured data that pays off with cost savings, efficiency, improved accuracy, streamlined operations and ultimately improved response to customer demands. L-TRON is the partner who can help you make that plan.

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L-TRON Corporation provides a wide variety of solutions using leading data-collection technology, including: Manage your warehouse efficiently and affordably and improve your bottom line.  We offer complete hardware and software solutions and we specialize in custom applications. We are Premier Partner of many top providers such as Zebra Technologies.