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Plan for Success – Automated Warehouse Solutions Delivers Results and ROI

The last part in this four part series discusses how automation delivers results and ROI. Click here to read Part I, Part II, and Part III here.

The Case for a Technology Partner

While automating your warehouse step-by-(baby)step is simple and easy, it also needs to be well thought out. An experienced technology partner can more than pay for themselves by providing expert advice, expertise, and technical support to help you asses your situation and make smart automation choices that fit your unique operation. A good technology partner helps you find all the right tools for improved productivity and sets the stage for a faster payback.

How to Vet a Technology Partner

Cost vs Value

Everyone looks for the best deal possible when making an investment. But before you buy good products at a great, low price, make sure you know what you’re getting – and what you’re NOT!
Shop on-line and you can get great pricing. But no technical support, no phone support and returns are not always simple and easy. An on-line supplier knows nothing about you and your business. You are also counting on product descriptions and manufacturer claims instead of solid advice from an expert on how the products apply to your enterprise.
You need a partner who does more than just deliver and install. They need to help assess the wide variety of solutions available and how they meet your unique needs. Answering questions like: What is the environment? Will the solution be employed indoors or outdoors? Is it hot, cold, wet, dusty? How mobile should the solution be? Should it be hands free? How much rough treatment can be expected? What about battery life? The quality of a partner relationship will ultimate be determined by the combination of support, knowledge, and pricing you receive.

Key Questions:

  • Are you choosing a reputable company that will be around years from now?
  • Does this partner/reseller have a long-standing relationship with the manufacturer?
  • Does your partner provide best-in-class products?

Service before, during and after the sale

Most small to medium sized businesses don’t have deep IT resources. When there’s a question or problem, how fast – and how effective –  will your partner’s response be? Look for a technology partner who will be available every step of the way—from developing the solution to installation and training and long after it has been deployed. In today’s dynamic world of commerce, ongoing updates and adjustments to software and hardware are the rule rather than the exception.

Look for a Partner Who:

  • Offers complete hardware and software solutions
  • Can truly customize applications to meet your needs
  • Has deep experience in your area of business
  • Can demonstrate excellent and fast Technical Support
  • Offers proactive customer service

Your technology partner should be adding value that translates directly into ROI by providing guidance that puts you on the path to maximum growth and productivity while minimizing disruption and missteps.
Learn more about choosing the right technology partner here.

The Bottom Line

With the right plan and advice, automation will allow existing staff to handle a major increase in volume while increasing accuracy. By virtually eliminating errors from the warehouse, you increase profitability and boost customer service. Because staff processes more orders in less time, efficiency and profit margins grow.
Automation ROI

  • Reduces manual processes
  • Eliminates data entry errors
  • Streamlines receiving and put away
  • Reduces labor costs
  • Saves time

The combination of cost savings, increased productivity and error reductions can amount to as much as one hour per day, per employee. A significant Return on Investment that can pay back initial investment within months, not years. Zebra Technologies offers a useful free ROI calculator on their website. And don’t forget the value of customer retention and customer loyalty that result from near perfect performance.
L-TRON Corporation provides a wide variety of solutions using leading data-collection technology, including: Manage your warehouse efficiently and affordably and improve your bottom line.  We offer complete hardware and software solutions and we specialize in custom applications. We are Premier Partner of many top providers such as Zebra Technologies.
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