Summer hours at L-Tron

L-Tron’s Summer Hours

Labor Day has come and gone. Summer officially ended and the weather in Western New York has gotten cooler. But just because summer is over and Daylight Savings ended, does not mean that everything “summer” has ended here at L-Tron! 

Our summer hours have continued…right into fall! 

A Special Gift

Early this past summer, our leaders, RAD and Gayle, decided to gift the L-Tron team with a very practical – and much appreciated – gift. Summer hours! Gayle emailed to let us all know that every Friday, our workday would end at 3:00 PM. We would have the opportunity to come together and attend a virtual happy hour online with the rest of the team, or shut our computers down and get the weekend started early.  

The idea first stemmed from a company-wide culture survey, which requested ideas, comments, and suggestions about how to keep our company culture thriving, despite the challenges presented due to the Covid-19 pandemic. You see, prior to the pandemic, we frequently had in-office events and celebrations. After the pandemic forced us all home to work remotely, we knew it was time to get creative. One employee had the suggestion to implement summer hours…and so it began! 

The generous gesture has been much appreciated by all of us on the L-Tron team, especially as quarantining, social distancing, and working remotely have been tough on many of us. Summer hours have boosted our morale immensely!  

When summer ended, we all expected to resume our “normal” work hours, but RAD and Gayle had yet another surprise in store for us and gifted us indefinitely with extended summer hours. Why? Well, we were given a little bit of insight in a team email from Gayle, which lovingly stated… 

“You are all the BOMB!” 🙂

LTC Zoom Conference Call

Friday Happy Hour (AKA BYOB30)

After our workday ends each Friday, we host an online “happy hour,” which provides us with opportunities to reconnect. Since we are no longer spending physical time together in the office, these events give us a chance to catch up with one another. Our happy hour events are: 

  • B.Y.O. Beverage. Team favorites range from water and tea to… the harder stuff. Check out some of the team’s favorite brews here.
  • Completely optional. If you are tired, have other plans, or just want some quiet time, there is never any pressure to attend. After 3 PM, the time is ours to do with what we want!
  • A time to meet new employees. During the pandemic, L-Tron has hired several new employees from out of state. These virtual events have allowed for team bonding.
  • Fun! We kick the event off with a group game, and follow up with time to chat and catch up with our coworkers before “leaving” for the weekend.

Never-ending summer hours and super cool bosses are absolutely perks of working at L-Tron. Check out some of the other fun times and reasons to love working for L-Tron in our News & Events