LTC Operations Team - COVID-19 Efforts

Where are we Now? Eight Months after COVID-19 Began

Eight Months.


It’s hard to believe that we’ve been isolating, social distancing, masking and working remotely for so long! 

Here at L-Tron, we’ve certainly reached a new normal, after eight months of adjustments and learning curves. Our company is a tight-knit group, and we are used to  working in close collaboration with one another. As such, the workplace effects of the COVID-19 pandemic meant big shifts for all of us! 

As one of our M-Team employees explained, 

It’s difficult because we can’t just pop into each other’s workspaces. It’s hard to be physically apart! Before COVID, we had the luxury of talking instantly about things as they came up. Each of us was always apprised to everything going on. It took some growing pains to really understand what we needed to successfully work remotely, particularly more structure so that we all had access to all of the same information. We’re such an agile team that we adjusted quickly and developed new procedures to become successful!

L-Tron M-Team Member

For the Operations Team, the physical location of work hasn’t changed. They have been working on-site at L-Tron headquarters, fulfilling orders and keeping our clients satisfied. The team strictly adheres to our Safe Workplace Policy to maintain the health and well-being of each employee, as well as our partners, vendors, and customers. 

We’ve successfully interviewed (virtually) and hired two new employees during the pandemic. We’ve on-boarded both using online individual and group meetings, tailored to the preferences of each employee. We’ve mailed physical packages to each new employee filled with goodies and L-Tron swag, which has been a hit!

eight months after COVID-19 began

What factors have allowed L-Tron to be so successful in supporting the team these past eight months? 

It  really all boils down to the fact that L-Tron has a strong core and a solid foundation. Eight months after COVID-19 began, we still have:

  • A clear quality promise that never even once wavered, despite the chaos and confusion in the world around us. We’ve been busy these past months, fulfilling orders for essential healthcare and law enforcement operations, among others! View our quality promise here.
  • Well-established procedures – and effective new procedures. This allows for management of the work at hand, rather than the employees.
  • Employee trust in both one another and our leadership team. Not only has our leadership remained transparent, open and honest with us throughout the pandemic, we also know as a team we can each depend on one another to accomplish our individual tasks.
  • Keeping current with technology has meant finding and utilizing the most effective tools out there for maintaining day-to-day operations both inside and outside of the four walls. Read more about some of the technology we’ve used here.
  • Time management has been essential so that we can schedule our days in advance. There is more coordination involved when it comes to scheduling online meetings, but this also means there are fewer spur-of-the-moment interruptions during work time. Fewer distractions means greater productivity!  
  • Providing an even more flexible work schedule. We have always offered a flexible; adaptive work schedule and quickly realized more flexibility was needed. The safety and well-being of each person on the team is our priority . Coming from a leadership perspective, the team knows we have their backs and they have ours. It’s a beautiful thing.
  • Finding time for fun – yes the quirky fun still exists in our virtually connected world! 

Not only has the pandemic shifted our day-to-day procedures, it has also opened our eyes to working with partners, vendors, customers, and even our (pre-COVID) remote workers, and helped us realize how we can more effectively communicate with those outside of our four walls.  

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