A Year Later, The 4910LR is Still on Top

April marks the 1-year anniversary of our prized 4910LR License Reader. This device has done wonders for Law Enforcement Officials over the past year. Why’s that? When it comes to the specs, it’s unmatched by all scanners – the 4910LR is a game changer. We’ll spare you the lengthy data sheet and point out the …

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Why Remotely Manage Your Mobile and RF Devices?

How many times are you called to the warehouse to troubleshoot issues with your handheld or truck-mounted computers or terminals? Do you have remote users who are traveling or are located at remote facilities? Do your remote devices require software updates periodically? Can you track devices and maintain their batteries effectively, or is it hit-and-miss? …

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Why Should Your Business Capture Signatures Electronically?

So what is the big deal about having your business adopt electronic signature capture technology?  Well, have you ever heard of “doing more with less?”  Then I invite you to continue reading…. All businesses, whether it is a medical facility, financial institution, tax preparation firm, or grocery store, or even those employees who work in …

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iKey Keyboards: Rugged Devices for Increased Reliability

During my 10 years in providing technical solutions for industrial computing, I have relied on iKey keyboards to provide an effective, dependable PC interface for customers requiring additional safeguards against harsh conditions. iKey keyboards are the most versatile keyboard on the market providing desktop, panel mount, OEM, rack drawer, and backlit keyboard options coupled with a …

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Automating Your Mobile Employees

So you’re feeling positive about your operations since you automated many of your internal systems. What happens when one of your employee’s jobs takes them away from their computer? Imagine this scenario: They have to find something in the warehouse. They have to deliver product to a customer. They make a sales call. If these …

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Tablet Computer Trends Today!

I recently had the opportunity to travel to New York City for business.  While there, I made several observations about current trends that I believe are of customer interest.  Although most of my visit involved meetings with city agencies and departments, many of my observations apply equally to the private sector. One particular trend I …

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Signature Capture Advantages

Most likely, we have all swiped a credit card and signed for our purchases at the grocery store or department store.  We may have even signed for a package when delivered to our home using the same type of technology – a signature capture pad.  It is clear that many retail environments have adopted the use of signature capture technology, …

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Imagine the Possibilities of Buying Construction Software

So, you have entered the process of buying construction software for your company.  It can be an overwhelming task, especially when your industry expertise is in construction services and not computer software solutions.  Let’s break this job down into manageable tasks so that it becomes a more enjoyable process. First, it is important to imagine the …

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Mobile Application Development 101

Lately as I’ve chatted with colleagues and friends about my company and what we do, I’ve found that there are many folks out there that don’t understand the nuances of Mobile Application Development.  Although L-Tron has been providing barcode, scanning, data collection, RFID, and industrial level computing products and solutions for decades, mobility technology solutions is one of our specialties and I thought …

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Field Mobility Solutions Increase Cash Flow

When talking to managers and business owners within the field service industry, I am often moved by how much value is placed on the field technicians.  It becomes obvious that these technicians are highly respected by their managers.  These field technicians are highly trained and capable in many areas of business from customer service and sales, to equipment troubleshooting and repairs. What …

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