Construction Software SolutionSo, you have entered the process of buying construction software for your company.  It can be an overwhelming task, especially when your industry expertise is in construction services and not computer software solutions.  Let’s break this job down into manageable tasks so that it becomes a more enjoyable process.
First, it is important to imagine the possibilities!  Take the time to make a list of your current business software problems.  Talk to co-workers, employees and even other industry experts that may have already gone through the process for their business.  Since this task can encompass so many departments in your company, you might find it helpful to work with a team of people in your organization who can each write a list of needs based on their expertise, including: customer service manager, HR manager, procurement manager etc.
Brainstorm all of the things you wish you could do with your current software but currently are unable to.  Remember, this is just a wish list – if you have ever thought of it or wished it, write it down.  You can prioritize and clean up the list in the next step. This is the time to be creative and think outside the box.  You don’t want to look back a year after your purchase and think of things that would have been nice had you only thought of it.
A list might look something like this:

  • Time cards punched into system. Once approved, would be sent to payroll company with no re-entry.
  • When a field rep closes a work order on his mobile device, an invoice would be generated.
  • Before closing a work order, a mobile device would ask the field rep, “Have you asked customer to purchase a service warranty?”
  • GPS would find the best route, taking into consideration other jobs, mileage, traffic and time of day.
  • When inventory is reduced by a certain quantity, a purchase order will be automatically generated and sent to buyers email for review and submission.

Honestly, this can be a fun process!  You have the chance to make a huge and positive impact on your company.  Spend some time on this task – don’t rush through it!