So what is the big deal about having your business adopt electronic signature capture technology?  Well, have you ever heard of “doing more with less?”  Then I invite you to continue reading….
Signature Capture Pad
All businesses, whether it is a medical facility, financial institution, tax preparation firm, or grocery store, or even those employees who work in the field, have one thing in common. Businesses all strive to make the process as easy as possible for the patient or customer to engage with the company and have a positive experience.  Whether we like it or not and no matter how large or small our business is, we need to look at technology to assist us in meeting our customer service goals.
The health care industry is one of the few industries that is required to document their “customers” so extensively.  Given the vast number of consultants, subcontractors, and affiliated care providers, one patient visiting a local medical practice or being admitted to a hospital can generate numerous forms taken at varying times, creating an opening for difficult or possibly erroneous data collection, which is costly to trace, validate, and correct.
Another heavily government-mandated sector is the financial industry. As with the health care industry, financial institutions and tax preparers are responsible for proving signed documents have been appropriately bound to the correct document content. The following are but a few compelling reasons to adopt electronic signature capture technology:

  • Automating prescription processes end-to-end, including fraud detection, customer pick-up, and consultation acceptance or denial
  • Reducing overall costs by automating check-in, consent, and charting workflow processes
  • Allowing for real-time productivity through instant access to legal, robust signed documents, contracts, and receipts
  • Speeding up business processes and improving productivity, as well as return on investment (ROI)
  • Preventing tampering or copying of sensitive customer/patient information
  • Proving a service was performed or an action was taken, as Electronic signature Authentication can be upheld in federal, state, and local courts with backing from forensic document examiners

Ask yourselves, Are we looking at new ways to lower costs by adding data and signature capture technology to decrease human time and errors? If so, L-Tron has the customer in mind when we work with you to determine your technology needs.  Give us a shout to find out how we can help your company use Electronic Signature Authentication technology at 800.830.9523 or e-mail