During my 10 years in providing technical solutions for industrial computing, I have relied on iKey keyboards to provide an effective, dependable PC interface for customers requiring additional safeguards against harsh conditions. iKey keyboards are the most versatile keyboard on the market providing desktop, panel mount, OEM, rack drawer, and backlit keyboard options coupled with a USB, PS/2, or serial interface.  They also provide intrinsically safe and nonincendive options designed to reduce the risk of failure in hazardous areas and harsh environments.
Whereas the elements would wreak havoc on most keyboards, rendering them nonfunctional, iKey Keyboards are the most reliable solution for remaining productive admist dusty, dirty, wet, and extreme temperature environments. Another advantage is that iKey keyboards can be pressure washed for easy and effective cleaning, thereby avoiding the clogging of electronics. iKey’s industrial keyboards are also tightly sealed to protect against all elements, providing long-lasting reliability.iKey keyboards
If you are looking for an industrial keyboard that will eliminate down time as a result of damaged equipment and will survive the harshest of conditions in industrial environments, take a look at iKey keyboard solutions. If you require assistance in selecting the correct model to meet your custom business needs, please feel free to give me a call at 800-830-9523 ext. 126.
iKey keyboards demonstrate the following features:

  • Are available with industrial durability ratings ranging from NEMA 12 to NEMA 4X for use in dirty, dusty, and greasy environments
  • Conform to ISO certification to ensure quality control among manufacturing standards
  • Feature waterproof and non-corrosive designs that will last up to 10 years in harsh environments
  • Are readily available in nineteen language layouts
  • Contain customizable function keys for specialized applications
  • Withstand extreme temperatures permitting functionality in freezers, heat-sensitive areas, and other severe environments
  • Have low-profile keys, reducing disinfection time and protect against cross contamination
  • Have backlit keys for working in low-light environments
  • Are available with polycarbonate and stainless steel cases
  • Increase mobility with small footprint, ultrathin designs
  • Cater to medical, military, emergency response, industrial, and material-handling end users