These days, most people expect a high degree of interaction with their smartphone, tablet and even their computer screen. Now touch panel computers offer fast-paced interaction between the machine and the human, satisfying increasing customer demand to interact seamlessly with their technology.
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Once primarily the domain of laboratories and factories, touch panel screen computers have moved into the consumer dimension and come in a wide variety of sizes, from just over three inches to large-screen 17-inch displays. The computers are often referred to as TPC computers or simply TPC.
In order to look good and work correctly, a touch panel or TPC computer should be scratch resistant with tempered glass and should even work in sunlight. The best touch screen computers have no film overlay and can operate through finger touch as well as a pen, glove or any other direct object.
Most touch panel computers also use a fanless cooling system to reduce heat and are slim in size and appearance. Overall, TPC computers have a response time of around 25 milliseconds and an active matrix panel. A LCD screen offers a contrast ratio of approximately 300:1 and a display color of around 260K colors.
Since TPC computers are not widely available, you need to find a vendor who knows all about the technology and has touch panel computers available for sale. For more information about TPC computers and the right kind of touch screen monitor for you or your business, contact L-Tron at 800-830-9523. We focus on customer satisfaction and offer immediate technical support.