Using Imaging for Traffic Citations and Accident Reports

We have all heard the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” but this is especially true in Law Enforcement.  Law Enforcement officers frequently find themselves in situations in which they rely on pictures to either make or break a case.  Take a crime scene, for instance.  It is important to carefully document each and every piece of evidence.  Pictures can also be …

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Signature Capture for e-Citations

By now, if you are a law enforcement officer, you have probably heard the term “e-Citation” and may have even had the opportunity to use an e-Citation solution on the job.  What you may not know, however, is that there are some great options for signature capture available to you.  During my business interactions with …

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Why Should Your Business Capture Signatures Electronically?

So what is the big deal about having your business adopt electronic signature capture technology?  Well, have you ever heard of “doing more with less?”  Then I invite you to continue reading…. All businesses, whether it is a medical facility, financial institution, tax preparation firm, or grocery store, or even those employees who work in …

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Signature Capture Advantages

Most likely, we have all swiped a credit card and signed for our purchases at the grocery store or department store.  We may have even signed for a package when delivered to our home using the same type of technology – a signature capture pad.  It is clear that many retail environments have adopted the use of signature capture technology, …

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Capturing Electronic Signatures

It seems that pretty much everyone is familiar with electronic signatures these days.  For instance, the mobile devices that UPS and FedEx drivers carry have been collecting electronic signatures for years. A device that’s currently seeing rapid growth for signature capture is the Signature Capture Pad, tethered to and driven by a PC. These are popping …

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