We have all heard the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” but this is especially true in Law Enforcement.  Law Enforcement officers frequently find themselves in situations in which they rely on pictures to either make or break a case.  Take a crime scene, for instance.  It is important to carefully document each and every piece of evidence.  Pictures can also be crucial for officers on the road who are dealing with traffic citations and accident reports.  Here are a few specific examples.
You have stopped someone for a traffic infraction and suspect that the driver is carrying a fake ID.  If the person pictured on the driver’s license appears to be someone other than the driver, you can take a picture of both the defendent and the driver’s license using L-Tron’s 4810 barcode scanner and attach the photos to the citation record for review in court.
Driver's License - Any State
In some instances, you may be required to get the defendant’s signature.  You can use the L-Tron 4810 barcode scanner to capture a picture of their signature and attach it to the citation.  Even if the original becomes damaged or misplaced, the electronic copy will remain intact.
Most accident reporting software has the built-in capability that allows an officer to sketch a crash scene.  However, we know that not all software is created equal and some packages are easier to use than others.  Sometimes it is just faster and easier to sketch the crash scene with a pencil and notepad.  If your accident reporting software supports the ability to quickly enter driver and vehicle information using the L-Tron 4810 barcode scanner, it can also use the 4810 to take a picture of a hand-drawn crash scene.
Accident Diagram
All of these scenarios increase officer efficiency, productivity, and overall safety by decreasing an officer’s time to complete a call.  If you are a Law Enforcement officer, let us know what software you use.  Even if your current software does not support the 4810, we can work with your vendor to add this functionality.  If you sell Law Enforcement software, contact L-Tron for more information about adding image capture to your application.