It used to be that when a user wanted an industrial rack mount PC that would cut down on space, they’d look at a fully configured 6 or 8 slot wall mount chassis  – but only because there were very few choices available to them.  Now that cabinets and storage racks have become more prevalent, it has become a necessity for engineers to find industrial rack mount PCs that can fit the different sized racks being utilized by customers.  In the last few years, manufacturers have answered the call with quality products.
Advantech is a great example of a company stepping up to the plate to deliver what their customers are looking for.  The IPC-619S is a dimensional-friendly rack mount chassis that enables the user to get shorter without sacrificing the necessary 19” rack mount width or height specifications.Industrial Rack Mount PC  The IPC-619S provides end users with the ability to configure up to a 10 slot PICMG 1.0 ISA/PCI Industrial Rack Mount PC that includes an ATX power supply up to 700W.  This chassis also enables the user to configure a system that includes a half-sized single board computer (SBC) with a Core 2 Duo or Atom Dual Core CPU and 4G DDR 667 RAM.
One of best things about this chassis, in my opinion, is that it still allows for an HD or SSD of any size along with a CD-ROM or DVDRW optical drive.  With this type of configuration allowance, users are able to adhere to the majority of specifications that will be seen on most 14-slot SBC and ATX motherboard rack mount solutions.
At the end of the day, industrial rack mount PCs have definitely solved one of the biggest issues in the industrial arena.  It’s possible to get smaller without sacrificing too much space and still utilize the necessary I/O to enable an application to run as it would on a physically larger system.  Nicely done, Advantech.