Can you believe how quickly the year’s end is approaching?  When you take a look at your budget, you see that your money is tight, but you’ve kept a good handle on things.  However, you also notice that you are limping along in regards to your: (a) current software system, (b) current data collection equipment, (c) antiquated processes and procedures, (d) redundant manpower and poor information, or (e) all of the above.  With even more restrictions, demands, and compliance situations in effect than ever before, what can you do to improve your company’s bottom line?
While I was watching football over the weekend, it occurred to me that the Operations department is like the offensive line in football.   You do your job, and no one knows your name.  You miss a block, and all the fans are screaming at you.  Likewise, Operations doesn’t generate revenue, and no one knows you exist until a customer complains.  So how will you keep your fans—and customers—happy?  Efficiency!
Football Offensive Line
The question is always, “How can we do more with less?”  Less time, smaller budget, and even fewer people.  Does your current software allow you to utilize your workers’ time efficiently?  Does your employee have the information needed to perform the job available at his fingertips, or does he need input from multiple sources and people?  Do you have the information needed to oversee and deploy the manpower appropriately?  Do you know where all of your product is and what the status is at any given point in time?  Will your customers get what they ordered?  As the new year approaches, start thinking about what you can do to run more efficiently.
You cannot roll out of bed and decide to implement new data collection equipment and software or new processes and procedures.  Successful implementations do take time.  Every detail has to be discovered, and buy-in, from the “C” level to the end operators has to be a major factor in this endeavor.  So, are you wondering how to justify the cost and what is a realistic timeline to implement?   Sounds like your offensive line might need some coaching.  Consult with a professional who has experience in implementing systems.  We make it easy to contact us: a phone call, an e-mail, or, if you think you’re cool–despite what your kids think–Facebook or Twitter.  Your issues may be related to equipment, software, or process and procedure.  Let the experienced professionals at L-Tron assist you in finding the answers.  We can consult the play book, decide what you need and how to proceed.  Hut, Hut…Hike!