Performance-intensive industrial applications demand the speed and versatility of multi-functional panel PCs.
L-Tron’s complete line of Advantech panel PCs makes them a top choice. With models ranging from PIII to Core 2 Duo, these high-end systems guarantee peak performance when you need it.
You can choose from among the 5” to 19” screen options and also, additionally opt for the infrared touch screen. Plus, there are a host of other interesting features at your  disposal, including VOIP connection and optional Wi-Fi internet connectivity.
The ultra-slim chassis makes for easy storage, while the high expandability feature (at least 4 USB port options) makes it possible for you to add extra I/O. You will also get the benefit of an optional 6-in-1 card reader.
In addition to its range of multi-functional panel PCs, you can also rely on L-Tron’s expertise at putting together a custom configuration to meet your requirements. Heavy performance applications like assembly line or medical emergency rooms require reliable systems, and you we can customize a solution based on the specifications of your application, whether it is spill and water damage resistant systems for medical applications or user friendly interfaces for information appliances.
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The different connectors supported by these multi-functional panel PCs mean you can connect them in virtually any kind of environment, and their heavy-duty aluminum casing and rugged design ensure that they will perform under even harsh conditions.
We are available to answer any questions you may have, we have over 35 years of Hi-Tech experience and a staff of tech wizards available to you!
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