Recently, Havis introduced a new line of top-loading PocketJet Printer Mounts. Those of you who remember the old LEDCO line of PocketJet mounts may get a bit nostalgic when reading this article. Several years ago, LEDCO and Havis-Shields became a single company: Havis. The companies complemented each other very well, with little redundancy in product lines. However, one redundancy that did exist is the subject of this post.
LEDCO Armrest Printer Bracket               Havis Universal PocketJet Mount
LEDCO had a top paper-loading armrest mount with a few articulating hardware kits to attach to a tunnel plate or console, whereas Havis-Shields had a universal mount with a side paper-loading approach. The top-loading box was replaced with the side loader, but the hardware kits were kept. Since then, everything has been based on the side-loading box.
Havis Armrest PocketJet Mount     Havis Pedestal Style Armrest PocketJet Mount         Havis Console Style Armrest PocketJet Mount
Until now. Flip-top paper loading is back and better than ever! Havis kept the modular design, giving you a choice of 1) just the printer mount, 2) the printer mount plus armrest pad, or 3) both plus the articulating mounting hardware.
The mount itself has some thoughtful features, including a single “pull and release” latch, full cover lid for spill protection with a window to view the LED display on your PocketJet, and some extra room inside to protect the cable inputs and keep those ugly ferrite beads out of the way.
Here is what they look like:
Havis Universal Top Loading PochetJet Mount          Havis Armrest Top Loading PocketJet Mount
They accommodate all PocketJet models and are shipping now. Please browse our full offering of consoles and vehicle mounting equipment at L-TronDirect. As always, feel free to email mecontact L-Tron, and post your comments below. Demo equipment is always available for qualified projects.