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Types of Industrial PCs: Finding the right Industrial PC to suit your needs.

Consumer PCs offer attractive pricing, but unfortunately, the longevity isn’t there. In reality, a consumer PC just doesn’t have what it takes to withstand the harsh nature of an industrial environment. Read more about the different types of Industrial PCs available, and how to select the right one for your environment.

What are the best Wi-Fi Routers & In-Car Communication Devices for Law Enforcement? 

In today’s digital world, uninterrupted communication is essential – and even more so within the public safety community. When it comes to first response, every situation has the potential to be critical. To this end, manufacturers have developed Wi-Fi routers and gateways specifically for emergency vehicle and squad car environments. These devices are small, rugged, and ready to be connected to essentially any communications network, leaving the lines of communication open all the time, even when public communication systems are failing. 

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What Kind of Router is in my Patrol Car?

Unless you’re an IT professional, chances are you don’t pay a whole lot of attention to the specific technology you use on the regular. I know that I’ve never given much thought to the router currently keeping me connected or even the very laptop I am typing this article on. What about when it comes to the technology keeping your patrol vehicle equipment running?

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What is FirstNet™?

Learn more about the nationwide communications network built specifically for public safety and emergency responders. Following 9/11, the lack of connectivity & clear communication among first responders – especially during a large-scale emergency – became abundantly clear.

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4 Reasons Why Advantech Wireless Remote I/O is a WISE Choice

If you’ve ever had an application that called for Wireless I/O modules, you know that historically there have been several limitations to using one. In fact, one manufacturer after another has attempted to provide a full-proof module that performed successful Analog and Digital Input/Output data collection but there always seemed to be snag with the …

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5 Reasons IT Departments Should Consider an Industrial PC

Information Technology (IT) Departments are the front line for most of the hardware configuration, software installation, physical implementations, and service of PCs within their company’s facilities. As I have become more involved with IT Departments at a customer level, I have realized the importance of providing a quality PC solution that will result in improved user …

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C2C Communication: Connecting CIO’s to Other C-Levels

Why is IT tucked away from the rest of the corporate space? They slip in when someone needs help and then just as quickly retreat to their corner—the farthest corner—of the enterprise. The Harvard Business Review published research that suggests CIOs (Chief Information Officers) are under-valued by other executives. Almost half of the executives surveyed …

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