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What Devices Work on a First Responder Network?

What is a First Responder Network?

Following the tragic events of 9/11, first responders found that vital public communication lines were blocked and inaccessible during major emergencies & events. A private band was created to provide emergency personnel with their own dedicated communications network – just for first responders.  

Now, whether in the chaos of a large scale emergency, during the supervision of a crowded public event, or simply on scene at a routine emergency call, agencies on a First Responder network needn’t worry about unreliable communication. wireless broadband network extends throughout the entire United States and its island territories.

What equipment do I need for a First Responder Network?

In addition to a specific internet contract, you will need certified devices and accessories that are compatible with the network. Don’t forget that when it comes to emergency response, durability is always the way to go. 

  • Smartphones & Wearables: Many name-brand phones and smartwatches are compatible. One of our team members will be able to help you with this.
  • Tablets & Laptops: Dell Latitude, Getac, Panasonic TOUGHBOOK, and Zebra’s rugged lines of tablets and laptops offer resilience and dependability in the field. Any device built for emergency response must withstand vibration, temperature extremes, movement, and rough treatment. Some prefer the mobility inside and outside of the vehicle allowed by a tablet, while others dislike operating a touchscreen and prefer a laptop installed in the vehicle with a keyboard.
  • Routers: We prefer the ICR-3241 not only for top-notch performance, but also for its affordable pricing. Installing an ICR gateway router in your patrol vehicle, fire engine, ambulance, or command staff vehicle can convert your vehicle to a mobile hot spot, allowing you to quickly complete administrative tasks and access shared information, as well as improve response times. Not sure what kind of router is in your patrol car? Read this article on your patrol vehicle’s connectivity.

If you’d like help walking through the pros and cons of various rugged tablets and laptops, or need assistance selecting other emergency vehicle technology, such as docking stations, eCitation equipment or printers, a member of our public safety team would be happy to help. We can also provide additional information on what devices work on a First Responder Network.

Given the current environment, your department needs reliable communication that they can trust. An emergency, large public event or even a COVID testing site, is the last place that you want to lose communication with other agencies and officers.