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Everyone makes mistakes. But in the retail industry, you might not have the opportunity to fix it.
A 2015 LoyaltyOne study of “dysfunctional retail touchpoints” uncovered that 81% of unhappy shoppers do not complain to the store management about the experience. They leave quietly and share their complaint with everyone else—friends, family, co-workers, and social media.
In his book, “The 10 Principles of Open Business”, author David Cushman explains, “The customer experience is now more important and returns better value than delivering messaging and promise.”
When you increase customer engagement, you reduce the possibility of an angry customer spreading the bad word. In fact, that same study showed that a customer whose problem was resolved in the store was 84% less likely to decrease spending with that retailer.

Mobile technology enables store associates to create a more personal shopping experience.

Using tablets and mobile computers, they can check inventory, place online orders for out-of-stock items, and process mobile payments. The customer gets what she wants, without waiting in line or having to wander aimlessly through the store, unaided by an associate (two of the biggest complaints).
Imagine a shopper who needs help in an aisle. Does she have to walk all the way to the Customer Service Desk and back to get assistance? Your mobile app or a self-service kiosk could make it easy for that shopper to obtain help without being inconvenienced.
Remember, every time a shopper comes into your store, you have a unique opportunity to build customer loyalty.
You’re not only competing against other retailers in your area. How many shoppers in your store are browsing online as well—comparing prices, checking user reviews, and looking for coupons or special offers? According to Google research, the answer is 42%. They’re either looking at your mobile app or another retailer’s site or app.
With mobile POS, you can cater to your customer on a personal level and build essential customer loyalty. To learn more about customer loyalty, click to read ‘Can retailers pump up the POS for a better shopper experience.’ For more information on POS systems and mobile technology,contact us.
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