Your company has great values…We Suite blog 1

Your company core values focus on exceptional service and delivery…

Your company has great processes in place…

You train & train & train some more…


Sounds like exceptional service and delivery should be pretty easy to implement, execute and deliver right? Speaking from experience, it’s not so easy!


Operational excellence is challenging and ever changing, every single day.


So how do WE get there?

It’s not just about great process-it’s more about the people we hire, coach and mentor.

And for me the answer is in the word WE.

It’s about creating a high performing, synergistic team.

It’s all about getting the team’s buy in, making them believers, giving them the power, and unleashing their talent!


Learn more: The L-Tron Difference Infographic


Read on if you want to know some valuable lessons that I have learned along the way…..

  • Hire only the best- surround yourself with talent!
  • Help your “bad hires” move on out-it is so true that one bad apple can spoil the good
  • Set clear expectations, boundaries & accountability and then manage to it!
  • Model professionalism.
  • Earn your team’s trust through open communication & dialogue.
  • Listen and hear.
  • Be willing to have the difficult conversations.
  • Acknowledge your own mistakes and areas for professional growth.
  • Engage your team in decisions that affect their duties.
  • Implement their great ideas.
  • Be sure to give credit where it belongs.
  • Work to help your team be successful.
  • Jump in and back up team members- there is no better way to “get it”
  • Never expect someone to perform a job function you wouldn’t be willing to do yourself.
  • Notice, recognize and value individual talents. In other words, be willing to restructure based on the team’s talents.
  • Intrinsic motivation is priceless – find a fit.
  • Have their backs and they will have yours. (And by “yours” I mean the Company’s.)
  • Recognize great performance.
  • Pay attention and find a reason to say thank you, job well done every day.
  • Mistakes happen- address them quickly- always start with examining the process – together.
  • Provide an opportunity to improve – what is their solution?
  • Make time for fun!
  • Unleash your team’s talent!


Then watch what unfolds……

  • A sense of pride & ownership in the Company evolves.
  • The buy in is there issues that might go covert rise to the surface.
  • Issues become opportunities for the Company to shine.
  • Good processes get even better.
  • Streamlining ideas unfold.
  • Productivity improves.
  • Great service and delivery becomes a daily goal – for everyone!
  • You start to hear things from your team like “the customer signs my paycheck”


They get it. Boo yah!

 We Suite blog 2

Operations are the Company gatekeepers- the last – lasting impression for your clients. You see that your team wants to be sure it is the right lasting impression. Exceptional service and delivery becomes the norm and your customers do repeat business with you. You get great testimonials, your customers send referrals your way, your customers want to share their story, and your business grows.


I don’t profess to have all the answers; I too am learning, improving and growing in my own role every SINGLE day.


But so far the greatest lesson I have learned is:

It will never be the “C” suite alone that drives the Company’s growth and ensures service and delivery excellence; but it will most certainly be “WE” suite.


Gayle F DeRose

Chief Operations Officer

L-Tron Corporation

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