Scanning barcodes isn’t always about accuracy since it’s a basic given that you’ll have accuracy when you choose to utilize this type of solution with your application. Anyone who has used barcode scanning technology knows that it is highly dependable and precise. So, if it’s not always about accuracy, what other factor looms largely in the distance?? Money….and lots of it.
These days, it has become necessary to not only track the product utilized in various parts of the manufacturing, assembly and test process but also the individuals responsible for specific duties during that time. Since bad product and rejects can (and inevitably will) occur, it’s essential for there to be an accountability process adhered to.

Barcode ID Tag
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A solution to this dilemma has become pretty simple for manufacturing-types of organizations. Every employee simply wears a badge, which includes the employee’s full name, photo and a 1D or 2D barcode identifier. Then, the employee is asked to scan his or her barcode immediately prior to every action they make during the assembly process. This ties a specific employee to a specific activity, leaving a database trail, which may be utilized in the future to diagnose issues, progress, run times and most importantly, positive and negative revenue.
With the knowledge to develop a database that ties in with manufacturing activities, companies are enabled to diagnose issues occurring on a daily basis and tie them back to a barcode. Even if the individual wearing the barcode isn’t directly responsible, it will provide the company with a path to trace to find the answers and information required to correct any actions that may be costly in the long run.