Why adopt a lean efficient warehouse during the global pandemic?

Why adopt a LEAN, Efficient Warehouse during the Global Pandemic?

COVID-19 has impacted life as we know it in more ways than we could have imagined. Now, with talk of the global “pandemic” becoming an “endemic,” it looks like some of the changes we have experienced are probably here to stay. What does that mean for your warehouse or manufacturing facility?

This blog will discuss 4 observations we’ve made in regards to the COVID-19 global pandemic, the impacts on warehousing and manufacturing, and why these industries should adopt a LEAN, efficient warehouse during the global pandemic.

ck65 mobile computer

Introducing the CK65 Mobile Computer: Built to Future Proof Your Warehouse Now

What does the future of your warehouse or distribution center look like? How can you be sure that your technology will last, and remain secure & relevant for as long as possible? The time to make the transition to Android™ with the CK65 is now, with limited time stackable discounts offered through Dec 31, 2020.

Warehouse Challenges - Smart Warehouse Solutions

Warehousing Challenges, Part IV: Smart Warehouse Solutions

We all want accuracy, efficiency and operational excellence in our warehouse. A smarter warehouse with real-time visibility is the way to get there. We have identified 16 areas, both in and around the warehouse, to apply automation for first-rate results. This blog will focus on the first 9, with Warehouse Challenges Part 5 focusing on the remaining solutions.

Warehousing Challenges Part II

Warehousing Challenges, Part II: Time to Evolve

It’s time to say goodbye to your legacy systems, including your trusty computer-on-wheels. It’s time to automate. Learn more about warehouse automation in our Warehousing Challenges blog series.

Assets, Inventory, and Everything in Between

(a 3 minute read…) Companies often find themselves in a tight spot when it comes to keeping track of “physical things” owned by the business. In most instances, there will be a lot of “things” to keep track of, so keeping tabs on everything can be daunting. The good news is that Asset Management Systems …

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IIoT: You Need More “I’s” on the Plant Floor

  The Internet of Things (IoT) sparked excitement as the next great thing in technology. Learn more about IoT here. Using sensors embedded in everything from home appliances to clothing, consumers are jazzed about what smart technology can do: changing the temperature in your home when you’re away checking your heart rate and letting you …

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Get Lean with 2D Data Matrix Barcodes, Part 3

Thanks for stopping back in to read the 3rd part of this series on “Getting LEAN” with Data Matrix Barcodes in the manufacturing industry. If you missed the first two parts, you can read them here: Part 1  Part 2  Application Versatility Whether it be the assembly lines, final assembly lines, test and measurement locations, …

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barcode scanning in manufacturing

Get Lean with 2D Data Matrix Barcodes, Part 2

Welcome back to my series on how to Get LEAN by implementing 2D Matrix Barcodes in your manufacturing facility. In my last blog, I shared how the physical features of a 2D Data Matrix barcode that has been applied via Direct Part Mark (DPM) have been beneficial to manufacturers of Print Circuit Boards (PCBs) and …

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