ck65 mobile computer

What does the future of your warehouse or distribution center look like? How can you be sure that your technology will last, and remain secure & relevant for as long as possible? The time to make the transition to Android™ with the CK65 is now, with limited time discounts offered through Dec 31, 2020. 

With industry leading durability, a variety of models and options to choose from, and an attractive price point to boot, the CK65 is appealing on so many levels. For all of you legacy Dolphin™ CK75 or CK3X/R users out there, you know that the Honeywell name means dependable. Even if you’re not a legacy Honeywell user, it may be time to hop onboard. 

But don’t just take our word for it. Continue reading to discover why the CK65 is a favorite among all levels of the warehouse, from management to tech support to operators on the floor. 

The CK65 mobile computer is one product that positively impacts your entire warehouse team. 

CK65 mobile computer is selected by upper management because…  

  • Web access can be locked down. Users have limited internet access to only the pages required on the job. No need to worry about employees browsing the internet or playing games on enterprise devices. 
  • CK65 is so durable and it has low failure rates – ultimately meaning that repair costs are minimal. Consider how much time and money you are spending on repairing older model mobile computers. When you factor in the costs of sending the broken unit in, and the total downtime spent getting it fixed and reloaded, the costs add up quickly. 

CK65 mobile computer is preferred by your IT team because… 

  • The device is easy to manage. With the combination of Honeywell’s Operational Intelligence™, and the migration from Windows ® to Android ™, the CK65 will help your IT department to bring your warehouse or DC into the 21st century.
  • Devices are protected and secure, without risking vulnerabilities of an unsupported platform. In fact, the CK65 offers support through Android R/11, with updates guaranteed through 2028. (Think – the longest supported device in the industry). 
  • The CK65 is ideal for transitioning from an EOL (end of life) Windows Mobile platform to Android
  • Updating your entire handheld fleet allows your team to support just one set of applications. This is huge time and money savings when you consider the effort behind trying to maintain and update multiple platforms. 

CK65 mobile computer is valued by warehouse managers because… 

  • The CK65 is rugged to the max. It withstands drops (up to 10 feet on concrete), dust, water, and more, so your team can get the job done without worrying about causing damage to the device. Specialized models are also available for unique environmental conditions, such as hazardous environments and cold storage. 
  • The battery lasts for up to 3 full shifts. No need to swap it out after each shift – and when you are finally ready for a fresh charge, the battery is hot-swappable. Less shift time spent changing batteries means more time getting the job done. 

CK65 mobile computer is appreciated by warehouse workers & scan gun operators because… 

  • Data input how your workers want it: Choose between the CK65’s large touch screen or large key pad – whichever you prefer. The device’s touch screen is responsive, even with gloves on. 
  • Ergonomic, lightweight design makes it easy and comfortable for the entire team to use. 
  • Enhanced scanning with the FlexRange Imager (5 inches to 35 inches) allows for quick scans, no matter how far away you are. 

Why is the Time is Now? 

CK65 rugged mobile computer

If the CK65 has sparked your interest, even a little bit, I would encourage you to contact L-Tron sooner, rather than later to learn more. Here’s why: 

  • We’re offering limited-time discounts to maximize your savings and lower your total cost of ownership, available now through December 31, 2020. 
  • If you’re new or anxious about making the switch to Android, L-Tron’s engineers have decades of experience in the warehouse sector and can help you every step of the way. 
  • Our bundle includes Honeywell’s Operational Intelligence Software to provide valuable device health insight, such as tracking lost devices, whether devices are powered on or off, notifications when a device is dropped, and more. 
  • Remember, each day spent using outdated, unsupported devices is a day that your company is left vulnerable and unprotected. Rather, you can choose to future-proof your company’s operations now with a device supported through 2028.