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The Honeywell CK65 handheld computing device is a powerful, rugged mobile computer that replaces the CK75, CK3X and CK3R models. Make the transition from Windows® to Android™ seamless and secure with minimal disruptions using the CK65 scan gun, built on Honeywell’s Mobility Edge™ Platform & Android Operating System. More than 10 million legacy Windows devices are in warehouses and distribution centers across the country that need to transition to Android. An upgrade strategy is important to ensure there are no security or productivity lapses.


Secure Your Devices with Android™ & Mobility Edge™

Devices remain up-to-date over multi-year deployments with guaranteed security updates every 90 days for at least 5 years

Minimize IT support costs associated with application development, certification and support. You can also lock down web access for users.

Longest security lifecycle in the industry with by supporting Android releases through Android R (11) and security updates through 2028

Why the Honeywell CK65 Mobile Computer?

The CK65 mobile computing device is a powerful, rugged handheld computer than replaces Honeywell’s CK75, CK3X and CK3R models. This mobile computer runs on the Android Operating System & Honeywell’s Mobility Edge platform. The CK65 offers support through Android R and has advanced security features allowing you to operate these devices for years. The CK65 features a rugged design withstanding 8ft drops & everyday use, a larger touch screen, improved imaging capabilities, and large keypads. Make a seamless transition from your Windows EOL devices to the Honeywell CK65 mobile computer. Future-proofing in your warehouse, distribution center is now. 

Built for Use in Any Area of your DC

Receiving & Sortation

Putaway & Replenishment


Cross Docking


The Honeywell CK65 Mobile Computer

With the longest supported device lifecycle available, Honeywell’s rugged handheld mobile computer is no match for it’s competitors. It is one of the most popular devices in the industry for it’s ease of use, it is built on a unified and secure platform (Mobility Edge), will maximize your team’s productivity, and minimize support costs and total cost of ownership. Future proofing your warehouse starts now with the CK65.

Is Rugged

Withstands multiple 2.4 meter (10 ft) drops to concrete and exceeds 2,000 1.0 m (3.3 ft) tumbles. A durable device that withstands everyday use and abuse.

Has a Large Keypad & Touch Screen

This scan gun is designed with ergonomics in mind. It provides physical keys and a large, bright touch screen for your team to use for data entry. Gloves can be used on the touch screen. Improve productivity and efficiency.

Enhanced 1D/2D Scanning

Quickly and easily scan short, mid, or long-range distances with this scan gun. Three different imagers are available based on the configuration of your warehouse. The newest FlexRange imager from Honeywell allows your team to instantly scan both close and far ranges, handling 5 inches all the way out to 35 feet. Your team doesn't need to spend time choosing between a near or far device.

Has IP65 & IP67 Ratings

The CK65 is water tight, dust-tight, and handles complete submersion in water. The rugged design translates to lower failure rates, which means more money saved for your business.

Models for All Locations

The CK65 series will support all Warehouse Distribution Center Environments including cold storage and hazardous environments. Cold storage models operate in -22F to 122F.

37% Increase in Battery Life

The CK65 has a 37.3% increase in battery capacity. Dead batteries result in costly downtime. The CK65 can support 28 operational hours, or three shifts on a single charge. Batteries are also hot-swappable. Gain back an average of 81.5 minutes of downtime for battery failures during a shift. (VDC Research, Total Cost of Ownership Models for Line of Business Mobile Solutions)

Increase Your Profitability


With current discounts, the time is now to update your devices. Ask us about available promotions.

Device Durability

The CK65 is rugged and can withstand multiple 8ft drops on concrete. Ruggedness translates to lower failure rates, which means more money saved for your business.

Reduce Repair Costs

How much time and money are you spending on repairing older mobile computers? Factor in the cost of sending the unit in, getting it fixed and getting it reloaded. Reduce these costs.

Backward CompatIbility

The CK65 is backward compatible with many CK3 and CK75/71 accessories. Reduce the total cost of ownership by reusing existing assets.

Support One Set of Applications

Update your entire handheld fleet at once and support just one set of applications, save time trying to update and maintain multiple platforms, or by only updating one or two units at a time.

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With over 40 years of experience in Warehousing, think of our team as a part of your team. We have engineers and highly technical subject matter experts who work side by side with you every step of the way, through the entire lifecycle of your solution. 

We know the ‘ins and outs’ of old devices, how they operate, and what the downfalls are. We work to understand your workflows and uncover opportunities for improvement. We work with you to select, deploy, and support your new solution & make the move to Android. We help you determine the correct hardware, what software features you need, and what services you need. You can expect quality, integrity and excellence, backed by our Quality Policy and ISO 9001:2015 Certification. Our Engineers are available for support whenever you need it. We invest in your success. 

Together with our clients, we’ve implemented many successful deployments across the country in warehouse & distribution centers of all sizes. Click to Meet Your Team.

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UPDATE: There is extremely limited product availability.
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