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OSCR360 Datasheet

OSCR360 Datasheet
Multi-Purpose Capture Kit & Desktop Software

OSCR360 datasheet
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This two-page OSCR360 datasheet is a free resource containing detailed specifications for both the OSCR360 Capture Kit & Desktop Software. Learn more about OSCR360 below. 

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What is OSCR360?

Fast. Effective. Game-Changing. 

OSCR360 a 360-degree spherical camera system, comprised of a capture kit & software The OSCR360 system allows investigators to quickly capture, organize and present their case and all digital evidence, with ease and efficiency.

What information is included in the OSCR360 datasheet?

  • OSCR360 Capture Kit Components 
  • Camera Specifications  
  • Digital Compass Specifications 
  • Tablet Specifications 
  • Computer Specifications 
  • Dimensions & Weight Information 
  • Battery Life & Memory Information 
  • Environmental Operating Ranges 
  • Additional Capture Kit and Software details, including speed, performance, security, stitching,  ease of use, convenience, simplicity, connection, sharing, and pricing 

The OSCR360 camera captures entire scenes, from floor to ceiling and in 360-degrees, within a matter of seconds and with little to no training required. The photos are immediately available for viewing on the OSCR360 tablet. GPS and cardinal direction data are included. Then, the OSCR software comes into play. 

All digital evidence captured for a case can be quickly and easily embedded directly into the OSCR360 project. This includes video clips, audio recordings, close-up photos and more. The software is interactive, allowing you to create a virtual tour of the scene for third parties to view. Share your case documentation with other investigators, command staff, the judicial system and others by “walking” them through the scene, as if you were there. Or, simply use the OSCR software as a case management tool to store all of your digital evidence & documentation in one place. 

OSCR360 was created directly from the feedback of Officers & Investigators, and its uses continue evolving from your feedback. Agencies have gotten creative & regularly share new ways that OSCR can and is helping them. These include; at hazardous material incidents, water and boating scenes, explosions, emergency response plans, courtroom testimony, code enforcement, training, case management, nighttime photography, scenes unsafe for human entry, and more. Hear more from OSCR users here. 


“I’ve been doing a similar thing manually and on paper for years that I’m attempting to digitize but this would just make it so much easier. I can take 360s, import blueprints and maps, and then embed all of my inspection and/or FEMA documentation in one project and send it off. Amazing.”



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