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OSCR360 HDR Settings Overview Video Thumbnail

[Video] OSCR360 HDR Settings Overview

This two-minute video introduces viewers to HDR imagery with OSCR360. Hear from an experienced forensic photographer as he explains HDR and provides an overview of the OSCR360 HDR settings.

OSCR360 Sensor Tube FAQs

[Video] OSCR360 Sensor Tube FAQs

This one-minute video answers several questions that we frequently hear from our public safety customers about the OSCR360 Sensor Tube. Hear from a member of L-Tron’s Law Enforcement Support Team as he walks viewers through these common questions.

[Infographic] In-House Fire Department Training with OSCR360

This infographic provides a visual reference to the capabilities of OSCR360 as a fire department training tool. Download the infographic to discover more about how OSCR360 can help your firefighters train on a variety of scenarios, all without ever leaving the firehouse.

OSCR360 assists first responders during the coronavirus pandemic

[Infographic]: How does OSCR360 assist First Responders during the Coronavirus pandemic?

OSCR360 is a two-part multi-use system used by First Responders & Firefighters, everywhere, every case, every time. Scenes the system has been used to document include scenes where biological & chemical threats are present (like COVID-19), fire scenes, arson investigations, unattended deaths, emergency management planning, training and more. Created from your voice, the 360-degree capture …

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how can oscr360 keep officers safe during covid-19

[Infographic] 5 Ways OSCR360 Keeps Officers Safe During COVID-19

In this infographic, see how OSCR360 keeps Officers safe during COVID-19 crisis. OSCR360 partners with you on scenes of all sizes including assaults, domestic violence, burglaries, unattended deaths, homicides, and more. As we navigate through the ever-changing COVID-19 crisis together, Officer safety is critical. With the OSCR360 system, Officers & investigators can: Get in and …

[Infographic] 5 Ways OSCR360 Keeps Officers Safe During COVID-19 Read More »

OSCR360 for fire investigations, fire service, and arson

OSCR360 for Fire Investigations

OSCR360 teams with you for arson and fire investigations, and emergency management planning. This brief one-pager will explain how. You can easily download and print this PDF to share with others in your department.