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[Video] OSCR360 Sensor Tube FAQs

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Understanding the OSCR360 Sensor Tube FAQs [Video]

OSCR360 FAQs: All about the L-Tron Sensor Tube

This one-minute video answers several questions that we frequently hear from our public safety customers about the OSCR360 Sensor Tube.

Hear from a member of L-Tron’s Law Enforcement Support Team as he walks viewers through OSCR360 Sensor Tube FAQs.

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What questions are answered in this video?

The patented OSCR360 System is an asset to public safety organizations. OSCR360 allows users to plan ahead for future emergencies, as well as investigate and prosecute crimes that have occurred. The OSCR360 system allows viewers to virtually tour indoor and outdoor environments, and emphasizes Points of Interest within each virtual walkthrough, so that every important detail is documented.

The OSCR360 System consists of:

  • A 360-degree camera with automatic and manual settings.
  • A sensor tube with digital compass.
  • A rugged tablet.
  • User-friendly presentation software.
  • A carrying case, charging cables and other accessories.

In this video, you will discover the answers to commonly asked questions about the role and performance of OSCR360’s sensor tube.

L-Tron and OSCR360 are here to help you

The L-Tron team is proud to support the public sector with unparalleled service and support, trainings and educational events, and innovative products and solutions. We have teamed up with public safety agencies, school districts, and private businesses for over 45 years to provide the technology you need to perform your job safely and effectively.

OSCR360 was developed with input and feedback from our partners and consumers. We always welcome your feedback as we strive to develop our solutions to the specifications that will help you accomplish your goals. OSCR360 assists police officers, fire fighters, school resource officers, and district attorneys plan for emergencies, investigate crimes, and prosecute crimes in court. Your Success is Our Purpose!

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