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[Video] School Documentation with OSCR360

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School Documentation with OSCR360 Video

OSCR360 Documents a School for Active Threat Response

This 1-minute video explains how a school in western NY is using OSCR360 to prepare for future emergency situations. Watch to discover more about the process of capturing and organizing the details of a school in 360-degrees, including the most critical points of interest.

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What will you see in the ‘School Documentation with OSCR360’ video?

OSCR360 can capture and organize school campuses in 360-degrees to create a comprehensive virtual walkthrough for school resource officers, local first response agencies, and school administrators.

This video encapsulates the process of documenting and organizing a school building with OSCR360. Watch how the OSCR360 camera and desktop software work in tandem, as well as how this local school is using OSCR360 to enhance their security systems.

In this video, you will see:

  • The range of uses for the OSCR360 System.
  • How to create a virtual walkthrough of a school building in the OSCR360 software.
  • How to emphasize crucial building information using the Point of Interest feature (i.e. AED, fire extinguisher, and emergency equipment locations).
  • How OSCR360 can assist local first response agencies in keeping schools safe.

Why partner with L-Tron and OSCR360?

For over 45 years, L-Tron has collaborated with public agencies and private businesses to enhance the efficiency of their operations through technology. In recent years, L-Tron developed the patented OSCR360 system for school districts, law enforcement agencies, fire departments, and district attorneys to prepare for emergency scenarios, investigate crime scenes, and prosecute criminals in the courtroom.

L-Tron values input and feedback from our customers to develop solutions built from their voice. We regularly support educational and training events nationwide and pride ourselves in providing unmatched customer service, day in and day out. “Your Success is our Purpose!”

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