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[Infographic] In-House Fire Department Training with OSCR360

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OSCR360 In-House Fire Department Training Infographic

This infographic provides a visual reference to the capabilities of OSCR360 as a fire department training tool. Download the infographic to discover more about how OSCR360 can help your firefighters train on a variety of scenarios, all without ever leaving the firehouse.

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Train and re-train without leaving headquarters

While it may seem impractical and unrealistic for your department to familiarize every firefighter with the layouts of the public buildings in your district, OSCR360 technology has made it possible to do just that. From the convenience of your department’s headquarters, use OSCR360 to virtually tour public spaces long before an emergency occurs, and to familiarize the entire team with building layouts, potential problem areas, notable features, and more.

OSCR360 projects can be reviewed from a firetruck or patrol vehicle MDT on the way to a call, or by a member of the command staff as they radio back and forth with first responders on the inside of a building. In any scenario, OSCR360 is a highly effective tool for reviewing the scene.

What you will learn in this infographic:

This fire department training infographic shares a variety of information specifically for fire agencies, including:

  • Several types of trainings OSCR360 can assists with, such as reviewing Fire Fighter Safety and Search and Rescue procedures.
  • Using OSCR360 to plan for high-risk scenarios.
  • How to use OSCR360 for post-incident review.
  • How OSCR360 can assist in accessing unsafe structures and environments.

Find out more about how Fire Departments use OSCR360 by visiting our Fire and Arson Investigation page.

OSCR360 and L-Tron

Here at L-Tron, we have collaborated with first responders and government agencies for nearly five decades, providing equipment, software, training, and support to improve their efficiency and safety. OSCR360 was built from the input and feedback of first responders and is a practical, affordable, multi-use tool for fire departments of all sizes. Your Success is Our Purpose!

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