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[Use Case] L-Tron Engineering helps Law Enforcement Agency with Unique Evidence Tracking Application

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L-Tron Engineering builds Evidence Tracking Application Use Case

[Use Case] L-Tron Engineering Assists Law Enforcement Agency with Unique Evidence Tracking Application

This use case shares how a New Hampshire Police Department utilized
L-Tron’s Engineering Team to build a custom evidence tracking application.

Download the use case to discover more about how the L-Tron team went above and beyond to ensure the Department’s satisfaction.

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What’s included in this downloadable use case?

When Concord Police Department updated their mobile evidence scanning equipment, they discovered that their previous evidence tracking software was no longer compatible with the new devices. The Department turned to L-Tron to develop a customized evidence tracking application that would perform all of the prior software functions, while operating efficiently with their new equipment.

This use case includes:

  • Background information on the Concord Police Department.
  • An overview of the technology dilemmas Concord PD was facing.
  • What the L-Tron collaborative process looked like.
  • Feedback and final results from Concord PD’s command staff.

What is a Feature-Driven Development and how can L-Tron help?

Feature-driven development is a customer-centered, adaptable approach to engineering software applications. When clients seek out L-Tron’s Engineering Team, they can expect their needs and concerns to be thoroughly heard and addressed. As your feature-driven application is developed, our team will consider its ease-of-use, efficiency, durability, and other key factors to determine the right final solution for your needs.

L-Tron’s experienced Engineering Team is well-equipped to work alongside public organizations and private enterprises to solve their workflow quandaries stemming from human error, data entry difficulties, and antiquated or irrelevant hardware and software. From designing and building to coding and integrating a custom solution, L-Tron’s commitment to our clients is a priority.

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