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[One-Pager] OSCR360 for District Attorneys References Sheet & Testimonials

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OSCR360 for District Attorneys References Sheet

[One-Pager] OSCR360 for District Attorneys References Sheet

This resource includes OSCR360 customer feedback from District Attorneys. See what these agencies have to say about the system and hear more about their experience in the courtroom.

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OSCR360 Feedback from District Attorneys

We’ve heard from prosecutors, law enforcement agencies and jurors who have used or seen OSCR360 in action. This references sheet includes feedback from:

  • A New York District Attorney’s Office 
  • A Texas District Attorney’s Office 
  • A New York Sheriff’s Office 
  • A Pennsylvania District Attorney’s Office 
  • A New York Trial Juror 
  • A Nevada Sheriff’s Office 

Our team can put you in touch with any current OSCR360 users for additional feedback. 

How are District Attorneys using OSCR360 in the courtroom?

OSCR360 assists prosecutors in clearly presenting the case facts and evidence in the courtroom. The patented OSCR360 System consists of equipment that captures courtroom-admissible 360-degree images at any crime scene, as well as software that creates a comprehensive virtual walkthrough of the scene. 

OSCR360 assists prosecutors in serving justice for any type of case, including homicides, suspicious deaths, robberies, kidnappings, domestic violence, arsons, sexual assaults and more. Prosecutors use OSCR360 to: 

  • Gain convictions and close cases.
  • Bring the crime scene to the courtroom with a virtual walk-through of their case.
  • Organize and present any digital evidence.
  • Provide seamless integration between agencies (law enforcement, judges, juries, etc.).

Years of collaboration from prosecutors, law enforcement, jurors, investigators and engineers have made OSCR360 what it is today – the single platform to present your case in the courtroom and organize your digital evidence.  OSCR360 was developed from the feedback of prosecutors and public safety agencies, and is currently being used across the country to present, capture and organize digital evidence.

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