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[Video] OSCR360 HDR Settings Overview

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Watch: An Overview of the OSCR360 HDR Settings

OSCR360 HDR Settings Overview [Extended]
[Video] OSCR360 HDR Settings Overview

This two-minute video introduces viewers to HDR imagery with OSCR360. Hear from an experienced forensic photographer as he explains HDR and provides an overview of the OSCR360 HDR settings.

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What will I see in this video?

OSCR360 excels at capturing overall environments, rather than the single shots captured with traditional photography. From a bright, outdoor crash scene filled with sun glare, to the dark, soot-covered environment of a fire scene, the OSCR360 HDR settings provide proper exposure. OSCR360’s HDR settings ensure that each area is evenly lit and easy for viewers to see clearly, essentially mimicking what your eyes do when they look around a scene. The resulting photos depict a true and accurate representation of the scene.

This video explains the following questions about using OSCR360’s HDR mode:

  • What is HDR mode?
  • How do I use HDR?
  • When and where does HDR mode work best?
  • Why does OSCR360’s HDR mode work better for certain types of scenes?

“I’ve used it for crime scene work, I’ve used it for search warrants, I’ve used it for fire scenes, and it’s especially great for showing the interior of a motor vehicle.”

Andrew McNeill, Forensic Photographer

The patented OSCR360 System includes customized desktop software and a capture kit with everything you need on scene. The system is ideal for public safety agencies looking to create emergency response plans, investigate crime and crash scenes, and visually present the facts of the case in the courtroom.

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