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Printek Product Comparison One-Pager

[One-Pager] Printek Product Comparison for eCitation Printing

This resource compares the features of Printek’s four mobile printers, which include the FieldPro 541, Vehicle Pro 420, Interceptor 80, and Interceptor 820. If you’re in the market for a new eCitation printer, this one-page document will help you narrow down which model is best suited for your needs. 

oscr360 for district attorneys

[One Pager] OSCR360 for District Attorneys

This one-page resource summarizes the benefits of using OSCR360 in the courtroom. As a prosecutor, OSCR assist you in gaining convictions, closing cases and serving justice.

Law Offerings: In-vehicle equipment for eCitation

[One Pager] L-Tron’s Law Enforcement Offerings: In-Vehicle Equipment for ECitation

Download this free resource by clicking the button below. This one-pager gives a quick overview of L-Tron’s product and solution offerings for Law Enforcement, focusing on specific in-vehicle equipment for eCitation & investigations/SWAT. L-Tron is proud to have served Law Enforcement over the past 20 years. We specialize in patrol vehicle equipment for eCitation (or …

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OSCR360 for fire investigations, fire service, and arson

OSCR360 for Fire Investigations

OSCR360 teams with you for arson and fire investigations, and emergency management planning. This brief one-pager will explain how. You can easily download and print this PDF to share with others in your department.

How Electronic Citation Works

How Electronic Citation Works

What will you learn in this Quickview? An overview of the entire eTicketing (Electronic Ticketing, e-Citation) process What are the benefits? What equipment do you need? A video from an Officer’s perspective This Quickview also includes links to other great resources on eCitation such as: videos, infographics, whitepapers, microsites and more.


Traceability One-Pager

A system used to track an item through each and every step of the production process, usually with data encoded in a barcode, but sometimes in an RFID tag. Keep reading if you’re in…  Healthcare Food/Beverage Production Field Service Manufacturing Law Enforcement Warehousing Retail Distribution Medical Device *Countless other industries are also using traceability solutions …

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