L-Tron Team - finding growth and opportunities during covid

Finding Growth and Opportunities during COVID-19

Looking back, our commitment to the safety and health of our employees, exceptional performance, and full transparency with our internal and external customers, as well as our manufacturing partners, enabled us to keep our doors open and our operations running to full capacity. This remained the case, even as our state and local region peaked in its number of COVID cases,

Can TaiJi Help you become a better leader?

Can Taiji Help You Become a Better Leader?

A few years ago I had a huge personal goal for myself – to add more balance to my life. Although it hasn’t happened overnight, I am proud to say I did add more balance –literally, with Taiji.


Natural born or not, step up and lead!

Is a natural-born leader a real thing? Do babies emerge with the innate ability to guide others—once they learn to walk, talk, and handle their basic needs? Or are they the merely humans who have been correctly nurtured to cultivate leadership? I believe some people have more natural leadership ability than others. Some youngsters are …

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