barcode tattoos

Barcode Tattoos: Any Other Barcode Geeks Out There?

I particularly love the idea of a barcode tattoo – an art form that is something more than meets the eye, a personal message, meaningful to the “owner” embedded in code.

Would you be ready for a “barcode tattoo?”

Tracking My Home-Brewed Beer Supply Using Barcodes

Like many guys in their late twenties, I have been taken by the craze of home brewing. It’s a very fun activity, and after a few years of fine tuning my process I started inviting friends over to partake in the rewards of my craft. My friends, the freeloaders that they are, readily partook and …

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Tis the Season: My Top 10 Barcode Gift Ideas

On Veteran’s Day, I decided to take advantage of some of the great online sales and get some of my Christmas shopping done early.  My mom requested gloves and earmuffs. Simple enough…or so I thought! When I searched for gloves and earmuffs, I found results such as: “Fingerless Texting Gloves with Mitten Cover,” “Touchscreen Gloves” …

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Barcodes for Location Information

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is known for its Portuguese pavement. Pedestrian walkways are covered in designs created by arranging light and dark colored stones. These designs vary from geometric patterns to the image of the Queen of Portugal. Recently, the city started adding quick response barcodes, or QR codes, to the designs in the sidewalks …

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