Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is known for its Portuguese pavement. Portuguese Pavement In Rio
Pedestrian walkways are covered in designs created by arranging light and dark colored stones. These designs vary from geometric patterns to the image of the Queen of Portugal.
QR Code in Rio DejaneroRecently, the city started adding quick response barcodes, or QR codes, to the designs in the sidewalks to provide tourists information about a location and the surrounding attractions. Tourists use their smartphones to read the QR code and they are taken to a web site with more information and maps in multiple languages.
In a similar way, the autonomous robots in an order fulfillment solution from Kiva Systems maneuver through a warehouse using 2 dimensional barcode stickers affixed to the floor at regular interval. These barcodes contain location information that the bots use to determine where they are. The system guides the bots throughout the warehouse collecting products to deliver to packing stations for eventual delivery to customers.
These are two examples of barcodes used to establish location. Do you have other examples like these? I’d love to hear about it. Leave a comment about your favorite location barcodes.
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