How does 50% off sound? How about more for less? Create QR Code with L-Tron's free barcode generator
Well then, what could be better than free?
This week we are introducing the free L-Tron online barcode generator.  Yes, I did say free. It will create images or links to images for popular linear and 2D barcode symbologies.  It even supports QR code, which is becomming increasingly popular in advertisements.  So, for casual users who only need an occasional barcode…use L-Tron’s free online generator. Just a few easy steps and no training or money is required:

  1. Pick the symbology
  2. Enter the data to encode
  3. Pick the size (bar width for linear or module size for 2D)
  4. Select the image format
  5. Click “generate barcode”

Bingo, you have your barcode!!  Right mouse click over the image and save it, or copy the link and you are home free.  (Really, free!)  I love easy and I love a bargain.  The L-Tron barcode generator is our way of making linear and 2D barcodes easy and economical to implement for our user community.
For your reference, our online barcode generator supports these symbologies:

  • Codabar
  • Code 39
  • EAN 8
  • EAN 13
  • Interleaved 2 of 5
  • Code 128
  • UPC
  • Data Matrix
  • PDF-417
  • QR Code

So many choices! 
Before you get started, you may be wondering when to use linear and when to use 2D? And what the heck is a QR code?
First off, the choice of linear vs 2D is usually easy.  Linear barcodes are limited to 15 to 20 characters because they physically get too long.  A 2D code can hold thousands of characters, even images and other advanced applications.
QR code (Quick Response) has caught on in North America over the last couple of years, but has been in use in Japan for over a decade.  QR code is typically used to link to digital content on the internet.  Scan them with your iPhone, Android, or other smartphone to go directly to the digital content without having to enter anything on your keyboard.  What could be easier??
If you want an easy to use our barcode generator, is the place to find it.  Add us to your favorites and use it everyday!