L-Tron’s corporate website is now home to a brand-new, free barcode generator tool, which can be used to create both linear and 2D barcodes, including up-and-coming QR Codes.
L-Tron Corporation Reveals New Barcode Generator
L-Tron Corporation announces the addition of a complimentary new barcode generator to its Company website, Tron.com.  The user-friendly generator creates both images and links to images for a variety of widely-used linear and 2D barcode symbologies, including the increasingly popular QR Codes that are seen in many advertisements today.
L-Tron’s barcode generator creates barcodes in just five easy steps, with no payment or training required.  Barcodes can then be copied, saved or printed at the user’s discretion.  L-Tron President and CEO, RAD DeRose, expects many users to take advantage of the free QR Code feature, which can be used to create codes for applications such as creating links to maps, coupons, product instructions, multimedia and more.  Once created, these QR Codes can be easily scanned into iPhones, Androids, and other smartphones.
The addition of a free barcode generator to the Company website is significant, as the generator will be a valuable tool for both current L-Tron clients, as well as prospective clients.
DeRose explains, “We wanted to provide this service as just one more way for L-Tron to give back to our clients.  One of our Company values is ‘Your satisfaction is how we measure our success.’  The addition of our free barcode generator is just one more way in which we can increase client satisfaction.  The fact that we are providing this service at no cost is just an added bonus for users!”
L-Tron’s free barcode generator can be accessed on the Company’s website, at http://www.l-tron.com/CustomerSupport/BarcodeGenerator.aspx.