L-TRON-QR-CodeWhat’s the deal with all of the QR codes showing up everywhere?
QR code is a 2D barcode symbology.  Unlike linear barcodes, 2D barcodes encode data in both the X and Y planes.  This allows for hundreds, or even thousands of characters of data to be stored inexpensively in an easy-to-produce symbol.  As you can see in the image to the left, QR code has an easily recognizable finder pattern located in three corners of the barcode.
So why are we suddenly seeing QR codes all over the place?  Basically, advertisers love to get their customers to see their digital content.  It can be a static website, a video on YouTube, or by another means.  The list is endless.  Advertisers are viewing printed media as a starting point for their customers.  The goal is to engage the customer with digital content, allowing the advertiser to tell the whole story.  QR codes provide a “print” based link which doesn’t require their customers to type in a web address.  Once smartphone users have installed a free barcode reader app, they can simply aim their smartphone at the QR code and the phone will link directly to the advertiser’s website.
Really…?  Is that all there is?
Of course not.  You can encode Vcards and Vcalendars.  How about directions to your facility, or better yet, a map? By getting creative, advertisers are even linking to coupons and discounts, installation instructions, product reviews, and downloads.  If you get the marketing department involved, they can link to landing pages, ebooks, and loads of multimedia content. Everyday there are new applications using QR codes.  Is this cool, or am I just a nerd?
How can you create these great little codes and how much do they cost?
Well the answer to both of these questions is to use the Free L-Tron QR code generator.  Simply select QR Code as the symbology, type the URL into the barcode data field, select the module size and image type, and then click on “Generate Barcode.”  Free AND easy.  Is this too good to be true, or just true and good?